AR/AC Educator Information

Thank you for agreeing to have an AR/AC Tutor in your classroom! The primary goal of the Iowa State University America Reads/America Counts program is to provide support for students' reading and mathematical capabilities. Before you get started:

You Should Know That Your AR/AC Tutor:

  • Was subject to a Sex Offender Registry check
  • Has been interviewed by the AR/AC staff
  • May not be an education major
  • Participated in AR/AC training sessions
  • Arrives with much enthusiasm, many talents, and is eager to work with the children
  • It is a allowed to tutor in math through 8th grade, and reading through 6th grade

We Encourage You To:

  • Take time to get to know your AR/AC Tutor (it may be helpful to exchange phone numbers or e-mail addresses).
  • Create a game plan with which both of you are comfortable.
  • Discuss classroom rules.
  • Designate a place for the AR/AC Tutor to place their belongings.
  • Discuss dress code.

Role Of The AR/AC Tutor:

An AR/AC Tutor is usually not experienced with teaching children. They can help you by working with individual children one-on-one, or in small groups. Your ISU tutor is willing and able, but may need guidance. AR/AC tutors are paid to tutor children with math and reading. Tutors are not allowed to perform clerical tasks, assist with recess duty, or go on field trips with schools or sites.

Your AR/AC Tutor Can:

  • Lead small group tutoring sessions
  • Conduct one-on-one tutoring
  • Offer encouragement
  • Share information pertaining to students' welfare, i.e. academic and social progress

Training/Reflection Sessions:

Ongoing training and reflection sessions provide AR/AC tutors with additional tutoring strategies in reading and mathematics, as well as an opportunity to discuss challenges and successes. We encourage you to let the AR/AC Program Coordinator know of any training, subject areas, or workshops which you feel would be helpful to you and/or your AR/AC tutor.

ISU Calendar

See the Official ISU Academic Calendar for information.

Working fall break, spring break, dead week, and finals week is optional.

One Final Note:

An important factor in the success of the ISU America Reads/America Counts Program is to promote a positive and productive teacher-tutor working relationship. If you have any questions of concerns about the performance of your AR/AC tutor, the staff will be happy to discuss the situation and, if necessary, make staffing changes to your classroom.

Participating Schools

See a list of participating schools (update coming soon).