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Prospective Tutors


America Reads & America Counts tutors are undergraduate college students who are interested in helping elementary and middle school students improve their math and reading skills.

  • Tutors work one-on-one or in small groups to help young students gain confidence and learn the joy of reading & mathematics.
  • Tutors can tutor reading up to sixth grade.
  • Tutors can tutor math up to eight grade.
  • Any Iowa State undergraduate student who is work-study eligible is encouraged to apply for this program.
  • Students will receive of training prior to their placements, as well as periodic training throughout their terms of service.
  • All students will be paid through the Federal Work-Study Program.

Eligibility Requirements

Interested applicants must:


  • Frequenty Asked Questions
  • Requirements Prior to placement:

    1. Complete a FAFSA and be eligible for Federal Work Study.
    2. Complete an application form and interview with AR/AC Staff.
    3. Attend paid training sessions prior to placement, 3-4 hours long.
    4. Arrange transportation to site along with the help of AR/AC Staff.

    Requirements Once assigned a site:

    1. Be prompt to all tutoring sessions.
    2. Dress according to code established by school.
    3. Establish a field log notebook to provide communication with student's teacher.
    4. Ensure confidentiality of information pertaining to students.
    5. At the end of each session, record thoughts in journals.
    6. Record hours on time sheets and collect on-site supervisor's signature.
    7. Turn in time sheets bi-weekly to AR/AC office.
    8. Attend reflection sessions with AR/AC staff and other tutors.

    Working with young children can be extremely rewarding but also frustrating at times. It is important to remember that the AR/AC Staff is here to support your efforts. If you encounter a problem, don't hesitate to call us at 294-7368.

Current Tutors


  • Attendance Policy
    You are expected to be at your assigned school during your scheduled hours. If your are going to be absent, you must call your school and your travel group (if this applies to you) before the absence.

    Inclement Weather Policy
    There are probably going to be times in which cancellations may occur in your schools. Please be sure to listen to the radio for school closing. If your school doesn't have class, obviously you will not be attending that day. We have a few special circumstances in addition to this.

    Des Moines & County Tutors
    If one of the following schools is canceled or given a late start (regardless if Des Moines or the county school has school), you do not need to go to Des Moines or the county school. Please contact your school or teacher if this situation should occur.

    Morning tutors
    If there is a late start at your school, you do not need to report for tutoring. Please let your teachers and schools know about this policy.

    Afternoon Tutors
    If there is an early out at your school, you do not need to report for tutoring. Please let your teachers and schools know about this policy.

    Students outside the Ames area
    If you have a concern with the travel conditions due to inclement weather, please contact us.

  • Participating Schools
  • Tutor Expectations