Sesquicentennial Leadership Award

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General Information

This award, established by the University's Sesquicentennial committee, takes its name from a quote by M.J. Riggs, class of 1883: "We come to college not alone to prepare to make a living, but to learn to live life." The award recognizes a student who has taken advantage of opportunities at ISU to apply his/her knowledge to real life projects and experiences. Such experiences may include, but are not limited to:

1. Taking the lead to create unique, successful service projects
2. Demonstrating impressive leadership through research or internship opportunities
3. Exhibiting exemplary leadership in creating or managing national or international projects.

The successful applicant will show how he/she used initiative to develop a significant, unique project with demonstrable results. The recipient must be a junior or senior at the time the award is applied (fall 2016). This application and all supporting documents must be received by the Division of Student Affairs Central Office, 2350 Beardshear Hall, no later than 5:00 p.m. 4 December 2015. Winners will be notified in February 2016.

Total award of $3,000 is divided between the two semesters. Awards will be for academic year 2017-2018. Recipients must be enrolled for both semester to receive the full award. Winners will be notified in March 2017.

  • Amount of Award: $3000
  • Number of Awards: 1

  • Deadline: December 5th
  • FAFSA by December 1st: Not Required

Contact Information

2350 Beardshear Hall
Ames Iowa 50011-2039


Phone: 515.294.4420

Fax: 515.294.2305

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