The Future Thinking Scholarship

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General Information

We at Dont Tell The Joneses understand that at University, money dries up fast.

So we've decided to create a scholarship for one lucky undergraduate to receive $1000, right after your exams (and after your final instalment of student finance).

However this has an interesting effect on you students, you see if you're use to reading nuggets of information in 140 characters or less, what happens when you’re given a wall of text in the form of a book?

Are you engaged? Do you fall into a trance? Can you consume the information? We can't

What we want from you is to submit an article (500 words or more), describing the changes that technology has on individuals and your best coping strategies.

A few examples of topics you may be interested in researching:

-Reduction in Attention Span and Deep Learning?

-Will Technology Cause IQ to Drop?

-How Will Humans Compete With AI?

Deadlines: May 31st 2017 & September 31st 2017

  • Amount of Award: $1000
  • Number of Awards: 1

  • FAFSA by December 1st: Not Required

Contact Information

Contact Name: Ann


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