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With grants for education in the U.S. still primarily based on financial need, students in low-income groups continue to demonstrate the greatest need for financial assistance when it comes to a college education. African Americans are in this category, with income disparity continuing to prevent many students from pursuing a postsecondary degree. And while student loan debt is common for many students, wealth inequality between African Americans and other demographic groups also affects this component of higher education: the number of black college students increased by 74% over the last 14 years, at the same time that the percentage of black students in debt over $25,000 rose to 50%, while only 35% of white students graduated with the same amount of excessive debt.

To help reduce debt after graduation, minorities including African Americans may be eligible for federal, state, and privately funded education grants to help them earn a college degree. There are several need- and merit-based grants for post-secondary education available to African Americans, including those specific to women, men, or for students pursuing a specific field of study, such as engineering or science. Grant amounts typically range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. As is the case for many grants, recipients may be required to reapply for funds annually and/or receive additional funds based on their academic progress.

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