Lawn Maintenance Master Scholarship

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General Information

Lawn Maintenance Master is a family owned business which operates in Winter Park and Orlando Florida. We believe that anyone can achieve their dreams if the given the chance. That is why we are pleased to announce $1000 in scholarships yearly (2017- 2018) to help further students academic success. We know how important and education is for society as this is where new inventions and business owners are developed.

You can participate if you are:
-18 years or older.
-Legal residents of the United States or Canada
-Applicant must be a student who is currently enrolled in high school, college or university based in United States or Canada.
-Having a Minimum GPA: 2.75

How to Participate:
-Write an essay on "Why lawn maintenance is important to society and property value" and share your thoughts on the process through experience or research.
-The essay must be original, well-though-out, well written, and ideally between 750+ words.
-Read the rules and regulations, and make sure you comply with them or your submission could be void.
-Please complete the form and attach essay below.
-No fee to apply is required

Submission Deadlines:
-Spring: April 1, 2018
-Winter: November 15, 2017

  • Amount of Award: $500
  • Number of Awards: 2

  • Offer of Admission by March 1st: Required
  • FAFSA by December 1st: Required

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