Expense Estimator

Use the University Expense Estimator to estimate the university bill (U-Bill) charges and the outstanding balance owed or potential financial aid refund after financial aid is applied.

Fall 2017 Financial Aid Applies August 16th

Fall 2017 financial aid is scheduled to start applying to the U-Bill on August 16th. Check your aid status on AccessPlus to confirm your Fall 2017 financial aid is clear to apply to your U-Bill. If you have any issues or questons, please contact the Offfice of Student Financial Aid.

Holds for Less Than Full-Time Enrollment (Fall 2017)

If you are enrolled less than full-time for fall 2017, you must email when your schedule is finalized so a financial aid adviser can review your aid and remove the enrollment holds.

Full-time enrollment requirements:

Undergraduate students: 11.5 or more credits

Graduate students not on assistantship: 8.5 or more credits

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