Expense Estimator

Use the University Expense Estimator to estimate the university bill (U-Bill) charges and the outstanding balance owed or potential financial aid refund after financial aid is applied.

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Be sure to check the Student Job Board in AccessPlus for other job opportunities

Verification Priority Aid Deadline

August 1st is the deadline for submitting all verification documents to insure retaining priority aid (Institutional Need-Based and Campus-Based Aid) as part of an award package for the 2017-18 aid year. Priority aid at Iowa State includes ISU Grant, Transfer ISU Grant, Supplemental ISU Grant, Work-Study, FSEOG Grant, and Perkins Loan. To avoid a potential removal of priority funds, students need to have their verification documents received by the Office of Student Financial Aid on August 1st.

New to Iowa State University

The Office of Student Financial Aid is excited to welcome you to ISU!
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