• Special Conditions

    If you have already submitted your FAFSA and there has been a change to either the student, parent, or spouse’s financial information, submit a Special Conditions Application to have your FAFSA re-evaluated.

  • Independent Appeals

    The Office of Student Financial Aid can use professional judgement to override a student’s dependency status from dependent to independent in some situations. Students solely being financially self-sufficient from their parents cannot be taken into consideration for a dependency status change.

  • Marital Status Appeals

    There are situations such as a student marrying before or during a given FAFSA year that can change the student’s dependency status.

  • Denial of Parent Support

    If a student’s parents refuse to provide financial information on the FAFSA, the student may be eligible for additional federal student aid.

  • Additional Unsubsidized Loan Eligibility

    If a parent’s PLUS loan credit check was denied and a student will not be using another parent borrower, obtaining an endorser, or seeking a credit appeal, the student can request that we review their eligibility for additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan funds.