Third-Party Access allows a student to share access to some of their personal information with a trusted
Third Party. The student is in complete control of the account and can change or revoke access anytime. Students may set up a Third Party Account on AccessPlus, giving another individual their own login and password to view information in AccessPlus, as assigned by the student.

  • The student should not share their ID and Password to AccessPlus.
  • The ‘Third Party Access’ function allows the student to decide who can have access to view specified screens on their (the student’s) AccessPlus account.
  • If there are any problems with a third party user’s login information or password, they will need to discuss this with their student, as the student is the one that must fix any
    password/access issues.

How to Set Up a Third-Party Access Account

The student will first log on to their AccessPlus account by selecting Net-ID and logging in with their information using Okta.

Once they have validated their login information, they choose “Third Party Access” from the left-hand column.
AccessPlus student dashboard

The student will then select “Add Account” and provide the Third Party’s name and create a temporary password using the listed requirements.AP third party access dash board

Once the account has been created, the student will now have the option to turn on anything they wish the Third Party to have access to. For Financial Aid, we recommend turning on “Financial Aid” and “Account/U-Bill.”AP third party create account
At any time, the student can choose to revoke, add, or change access to what the Third Party sees, as well as delete the account. If the Third Party has access issues, they will go through the student to have their password reset or access changed.

The student will receive an email to their Iowa State email that will provide the Third-Party Access Login ID, and they will then share the password they created for the account with the Third Party.

Additional Information

Third Party Access to Financial Aid, if provided by the student, would allow a parent/other third party to do the following in AccessPlus:

  • Complete the Parent Institutional Verification form, if the student’s FAFSA was selected for Verification
    • A parent must be listed on the FAFSA to complete this form
  • View their student’s FAFSA Verification Status
  • View their student’s Financial Aid Offer

How to Log in Using Your Third-Party Access Account

The Third Party will log on to Your login ID and password will be the ones provided by the student. Once you provide your credentials, you are prompted to change your password.

The login ID the student provided and the password you change at this stage will be your login ID and password from now on. Once logged in, you will be able to access what the student has granted you access to.


The student will resolve issues with Third-Party Access issues in their own AccessPlus account.

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