Important Information for Student Loan Borrowers

  • As a student borrower, be aware of your rights and responsibilities.
  • Students must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for federal loan programs.
  • Borrow loan funds wisely. There is no penalty for repaying your loans early. If you have borrowed more money than you need for a semester, you can return the funds.
  • Be aware of the allotted grace period for each of your loans. If you enroll less than half-time, you will enter your grace period. If you do not re-enroll at least half-time before your grace period ends, you will be in repayment.
  • Pay off any accrued interest to avoid interest capitalization at repayment.
  • Avoid defaulting on your student loans. If you are having difficulty making monthly payments, contact your loan servicer for help and information.

Federal Direct Stafford Loan

The Federal Direct Stafford Loan is a student loan provided by the US Department of Education and administered by Iowa State University.

Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan

The Federal Direct PLUS Loan is available for parents of a dependent student to cover educational costs not already covered by the student's financial aid package.

Federal Perkins Loan

The Federal Perkins Loan is a student loan administered by Iowa State University and drawn from a pool of limited federal funds. The Perkins Loan is awarded on the basis of exceptional financial need.

Federal Health Professions Loan

The Federal Health and Professions Loan is a student loan available to students enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Federal Direct Graduate and Veterinary Medicine PLUS Loan

The Federal Direct Graduate and Veterinary Medicine PLUS Loan is open to Graduate and Professional Students (including Veterinary Medicine).

Private Loans

Private loans are offered by private lenders with no federal forms to complete. Eligibility for private student loans often depends on the applicant's credit score.

Features & Services

A number of features and services are available to provide assistance managing your loans.