Federal financial aid regulations allow universities to adjust your cost of attendance if education-related expenses exceed the costs listed below.

  • The costs below are for one semester, assuming full-time enrollment
2024-2025Undergraduate Dependent StudentUndergraduate Independent StudentGraduate Student
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment$350$350$350
Transportation (on-campus)$225$475$475
Housing (on-campus)$2,850$2,850$2,850
Food (on-campus)$2,554$2,554$2,554

An increase to the cost of attendance ONLY increases the eligibility to apply for loans. Completing the cost of attendance adjustment form does NOT increase eligibility for grants or scholarships.

  • Book, course material, supply, and equipment costs that exceed the amount included in the cost of attendance above
    • Receipt required if purchase(s) not on U-Bill
    • Letter from professor or advisor may be requested
  • Course fees on the U-Bill
  • Student & Scholar Health Insurance on the U-Bill
  • Purchased or leased computer or tablet (limit of one adjustment OR up to $2500 during your undergraduate and/or graduate education)
    • Proof of lease agreement or purchase required
  • Commuting expenses required for your degree program
  • Field trips and conferences (only one adjustment allowed per semester)
    • Proof of conference registration required
    • Documentation of all expenses required
    • Letter from professor or advisor may be requested
  • Medical expenses not covered by health insurance
  • Childcare expenses for dependent children

  • Consumer bills (ie: cell phone, car payment, insurance, utilities, etc.)
  • Costs associated with outstanding consumer debt
  • Off-campus living expenses that exceed amount provided for housing
  • Food and on-campus meal expenses for off-campus students
  • Relocation expenses / expenses to travel to campus
  • Interview expenses
  • Clothing for self or family
  • Pet or hobby expenses

  • Confirm the cost of attendence adjustment form is completed and signed
  • Include documentation of expenses not on your U-Bill

The review process will take five to ten business days, and you will be notified once the cost of attendance adjustment form is reviewed.