Summer semester tuition and fees will be assessed for students beginning their fourth-year rotations. Full-time tuition and fee assessment is subject to change on an annual basis, per the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

Your summer semester cost of attendance will include the following:

The summer semester U-Bill will be available in May and will include your tuition, fees, and any other miscellaneous charges you may have on your U-Bill.

The summer semester financial aid offer will include the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan for students with a FAFSA on file, as well as grants and/or scholarships, if eligible. Your summer semester financial aid offer will be available in AccessPlus by late April. Monitor your email for important information about securing summer semester financial aid.

Summer semester financial aid that exceeds the amount owed on the U-Bill will be refunded to the student via direct deposit after their U-Bill is paid in full.

Students who register for the NAVLE during their summer rotation may submit a cost of attendance adjustment form to have their summer semester unsubsidized loan increased by the NAVLE registration cost.

Students who attempt a preceptorship away from ISU may submit a preceptorship form and receipts for reimbursement of expenses paid after academic credit is earned for the preceptorship.

When considering costs of attendance, please note:

  • Total costs for attending Iowa State University may vary based on students’ lifestyles, majors, academic colleges, and academic progress
  • Student tuition, fees, and charges for food & housing in university housing are set by the Iowa Board of Regents
  • Food & Housing costs refer to the varied housing and dining choices made by the student; more information is available from the Department of Residence and ISU Dining
  • Summer costs of attendance vary depending on each student’s situation — see Tuition and Fees for more information
  • Juniors and seniors in some colleges are assessed tuition at a higher rate — see Tuition and Fees for more information
  • All international students enrolled for 1 credit hour or more at Iowa State University are required to purchase the ISU Student & Scholar Medical Insurance Plan
  • The Medical Insurance Plan cost IS NOT included in the International dollar amounts listed below