Departments providing financial assistance as described below, and are not awarded directly through ADIN or reported to the Scholarship Office, are required to report such assistance to the Office of Student Financial Aid using their online form.

Federal regulations require that all institutional and external scholarships and other financial resources received by the student to be included as part of their financial aid package. These financial resources received may affect other types of aid awarded to a student. Students may not receive financial aid, including these other types of financial resources, in excess of the annual Cost of Attendance at Iowa State University.

In order to comply with federal regulations and ensure compliance with university procedures, the Office of Student Financial Aid must work in conjunction with other university offices to accurately include all resources for a student. All known sources of funding must be reported to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

All aid provided to students by the university is to be counted a resource, with the exception of non-need-based wages earned and human subject compensation. The following are examples of university or external sources of aid the must be included:

  • University grants, loans, scholarships, gift cards, and other funds designated as “prize” awards or “gifts”;
  • University emergency grants;
  • Fellowships, Graduate assistantships;
  • Travel grants, dependent fee authorization, employee fee waiver, housing discount programs, etc.;
  • Fees and/or changes the university pays directly on the student’s behalf and/or student reimbursement of the following expenses:
    • Conference/seminar registration or submission fees
    • Membership and/or association dues and fees
    • Travel expenses for conference attendance or participation (this includes housing and meals)
    • Travel expenses for research work (includes housing and meals)
    • Research materials and equipment
    • Research presentation expenses
    • Data and statistical processing expenses
  • Monetary value of material resources such as research equipment, musical instruments, computer software or hardware given from the university;
  • Churches, professional, civic, or service organizations, private foundations funding; and/or
  • Employer programs and certain types of military benefits