College Email Phone
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 515-294-9123
Ivy College of Business 515-294-8300
College of Design 515-294-6983
College of Engineering 515-294-9295
College of Human Sciences 515-294-2820
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 515-294-4841
College of Veterinary Medicine 515-294-6808
Department Email Phone
Office of Student Financial Aid 515-294-2223
Child Care and Family Services 515-294-3149
George Washington Carver Scholarship Leadership 515-294-6338
Library 515-294-4176
New International Undergraduate Admissions 515-294-5836
Sorority and Fraternity Engagement (SFE) 515-294-1023
Student Accessibility Services 515-294-7220
Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) 515-294-0966