What’s Work-Study?

The Work-Study program is a need-based financial aid program funded by the federal government and Iowa State University. It is awarded to students based on need demonstrated on the FAFSA. Unlike grants and scholarships, Work-Study awards are earned and paid through the payroll process in the form of bi-weekly pay. Work-Study awards and amounts are subject to eligibility requirements and funding availability.

How it works

  • Work-Study subsidizes eligible student jobs with federal and institutional funds. The employing departments pay 40% of the wages a Work-Study employee earns while Work-Study pays the remaining 60%.
  • Both the student and the employer benefit – the department pays only a portion of the earned wages and students can credit their Work-Study earnings as financial aid to reduce their
    student contribution on future FAFSAs. Work-Study students are sometimes considered more preferentially.
  • If you are an on-campus employer, please review information on hiring a work study student.

How do I get Work-Study?

  • Student eligibility is set by the FAFSA. Students should file by Iowa State’s priority deadline and should select “yes” when asked about Work-Study on the FAFSA.
  • If awarded, students will be notified in their financial aid offer letter.
  • If you were not awarded Work-Study, you may still be eligible. Contact the Student Employment Center to determine if you could be eligible.
    • Student Employment Center Room 0640 Beardshear Hall Ames, IA 50011
      Telephone: (515) 294-JOBS [5627]
      Email: studentjobs@iastate.edu
      Normal Hours: 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday
      Summer Hours: 7:30am – 4pm Monday – Friday

Other Work-Study Programs

For work-study employer resources, check here.