The Office of Student Financial Aid does our best with the funds available to create a financial aid package to help students cover as much of their school expenses as possible. To do this, we utilize a number of financial aid programs – scholarships, grants, Work-Study, and loans.

Many of these programs, both federal and institutional, have limited funding. Once these programs have run out of money, additional awards will be unavailable until the following year when the next FAFSA becomes available.

To ensure consideration for all possible funding sources, please submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the annual priority deadline. The deadline changes on an annual basis and will be posted on the Office of Student Financial Aid website by October 1st, when the upcoming year’s FAFSA opens. This date will also be communicated to current students through email. The Office of Student Financial Aid engaged in a variety of promotional efforts to inform students of this deadline – sending numerous e-mails to students (and parents if a dependent student) along with printed and digital advertisements placed around campus.

If a student missed the FAFSA priority deadline, they will still be considered for the Federal Pell Grant (if qualified), Scholarships that do not require financial need, Federal Student Loans, Parent Plus Loans, and Private Loans. Students can also seek a job that is not funded through the Federal Work-Study program via the ISU job board. Funding from the

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant,
  • Federal Work-Study,
  • Iowa State University Grants, and
  • scholarships that require financial need

will not be available to students who applied after the deadline.

In future years, students can be considered if the FAFSA for that year is submitted by the annual priority deadline.