A federal loan servicer is a company the U.S. Department of Education assigns to handle the billing and other services on a federal student loan. The loan servicer works with the borrower on repayment options and other tasks related to federal student loans.

  • Borrowers can find their federal loan servicer by logging into the StudentAid.gov dashboard. If you have just recently borrowed your first federal loan, your loan servicer may not have been assigned yet. Your loan servicer will be in contact with you once assigned.
  • Borrowers cannot select their loan servicer
  • Student and parent borrowers may be assigned to different loan servicers.

Federal Student Loan Servicers

The U.S. Department of Education uses several different loan servicers to manage federal student loans. Current loan servicers and website and contact information

Through a loan servicer, a borrower can:

  • Update personal and contact information
  • View outstanding interest
  • Make payments
  • Arrange payment plans
  • Apply for deferments or forbearances
  • View interest information for tax purposes

A borrower should notify their lender if:

  • A name, address or phone number changes
  • The borrower graduates, drops below half-time enrollment, returns to school after graduation or transfers to another school
  • The borrower needs help making monthly loan payment(s)
  • The borrower has questions about their loan(s)